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The Rocky Mountain 1200km Brevet is traditionally offered by the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club in July of the year following Paris Brest Paris. Initiated in 1996 and now held every 4 years, the next edition is tentatively scheduled to be held in 2016, interest permitting.

While the 2012 edition was in the words of one rider, “an epic journey” which saw riders challenged by extreme weather conditions in addition to the distance and terrain, over the years this brevet has usually been ridden under mostly sunny skies with spectacular vistas of amazing scenery and wildlife.

This challenging ultra marathon cycling event is an unforgettable experience for riders and volunteers alike. If you are interested in riding or volunteering on this event in 2016, please contact The BC Randonneurs Cycling Club.

Update: Can-Am awards list updated as of June 2015. See full list of recipients here.

Photo of Rocky Mountain Goat taken by Roger Holt at top of Sunwapta Pass in 2008. 

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