2012 Archive: Aknowledgements

Thank you to the Volunteers

The Rocky Mountain 1200 is possible only because of the generous support of a dedicated team of volunteers who give up their holidays and take unpaid leave to assist the riders. The 2012 ride was staffed by 87 volunteers and they were without exception, fantastic. We owe each of them a huge thank you for their wonderful home made soups, the fabulous baking, the generous hot and cold meals and drinks, and the warmth and support of all the controls along our route.

The terrible weather experienced by riders on the section from Kamloops to Jasper put us all at risk of hypothermia and it was through the dedicated efforts of the volunteers that any of us completed this leg. Special thanks to the Valemount control staff for procuring blankets from the First Aid Station for all the soaked and shivering riders. Thank you also to the Jasper control staff for setting up racks and lines for riders to dry their sopping wet clothes, it made a huge difference for us all.

We would also like to thank John & Danelle in the sweep vehicle for multiple trips, picking up riders in distress between Valemount and Lake Louise. In addition to the official sweep, we want to thank all the support crews and event drivers who pitched in to help riders in need, your assistance was invaluable and we are truly grateful.

The terrible weather also took a toll on our bikes and we would like to thank the control volunteers and the sweep mechanic, John Bates for all their efforts oiling chains, cleaning and adjusting shifters and changing tires to keep our bicycles working.

Thank you to all the volunteers. Your support, encouragement and wonderful food made it possible for many of us to reach our goal.