2012 Archive: Controls

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Start and Finish Control

Control Location Distance Food Showers Sleeping Motels
Clearwater 123 km Light Meal No No Yes
Blue River 230 km Meal No No Yes
Valemount 321 km Meal No No Yes
Jasper 445 km Meal Yes Yes Yes
Beauty Creek 532 km Meal No Limited No
Lake Louise 679 km Meal No Limited Yes
Golden 764 km Meal Yes Yes Yes
Revelstoke 912 km Meal Yes Yes Yes
Armstrong 1038 km Meal Yes Yes Yes
Salmon Arm 1074 km Meal Yes Yes Yes
Westwold 1147 km Snacks No No No


  • Route sheets and maps showing the control locations will be supplied for support crews.
  • Bag drop services will be provided to 3 controls for each rider. Riders may choose any 3 from the following list: Jasper, Beauty Creek, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke, Armstrong or Salmon Arm.
  • Maximum size for drop bags not to exceed 10″ x 10″ x 20″ (250mm c 250mm x 500mm) and 15 lbs (7kg).
  • There will be water, sport drink powder, vegetable soup, fruit and some type of sweet at all controls. Meals will be provided at all controls noted.
  • Sleeping accommodations at Jasper, Golden, Revelstoke and Armstrong will be mats on the floor with blankets provided for each rider. Cots and blankets will be provided at Salmon Arm.There is rustic sleeping for 16 riders at a time at Beauty Creek Hostel. Limited sleeping will be available in a section of the main control room for riders to sleep or rest at Lake Louise. Private accommodations (motels, B&B, etc.) are available where noted and must be arranged by riders.
  • Control accommodation is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Showers are available at Jasper, Golden, Revelstoke, Armstrong and Salmon Arm only.