2012 Archive: Blue River Control – 230.6 km

Location: Royal Canadian Legion Hall

90 Hour Open: 05:41 Mon-Jul-23   Close: 13:22 Mon-Jul-23
84 Hour Open: 10:50 Mon-Jul-23   Close: 18:25 Mon-Jul-23

Facilities: Washrooms and Food only.
* There are no sleeping facilities at this control, riders wishing to sleep must make their own arrangements.
Nearby accommodations are listed below.

Food – Meal:
Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon or Sausages, Toast, Jam, Peanut Butter,
Vegetable Soup, Meat or Cheese Sandwiches, Cookies or Cake, Fresh Fruit.
Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice, Sport Drink Mix, Water

Motel Accommodations: Please note this is a list of nearby lodgings only,
NO recommendation is implied for any of the accommodations listed.

Control Captain: Lorraine Nygaard
Volunteers: John Bates, Jill Benz, Susan & Rob Bernhardt, Susan Goodison, Danelle Laidlaw, Kathy Twitchell