2012 Archive: Lake Louise Control – 678.9 km

Location: Lake Louise Recreation Centre

90 Hour Open: 22:15 Mon-Jul-23   Close: 20:54 Tue-Jul-24
84 Hour Open: 01:37 Tue-Jul-24   Close: 03:29 Wed-Jul-25

Facilities: Limited Sleeping in main room only (mat & blanket), Washrooms & Meals
* no shower facilities

Food – Meal:
Vegetable Soup, Potatoes, Pasta with Meat or Vegetarian Sauce, Salad, Bread & Butter
Muffins, Cookies or Cake, Fresh Fruit, Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice, Sport Drink Mix, Water

Motel Accommodations: Please note this is a list of nearby lodgings only,
NO recommendation is implied for any of the accommodations listed.

Control Captains: Barb & Bob Boonstra
Volunteers: Norm Brodie, Diane Mather, Dan McGuire, Cathy & Lee Ringham, Craig Smith