2012 Archive: Salmon Arm Control – 1074.9 km

Location: Little Mountain Field House

90 Hour Open: 18:44 Tue-Jul-24   Close: 06:31 Thu-Jul-26
84 Hour Open: 15:55 Tue-Jul-24   Close: 07:24 Thu-Jul-26

Facilities: Sleeping Control (cots & blankets), Showers, Washrooms & Meals.

Food – Meal:
Vegetable Soup, Potatoes, Pasta with Meat or Cheese Sauce, Salad, Bread & Butter
Muffins, Cookies or Cake, Fresh Fruit, Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice, Sport Drink Mix, Water
Eggs, Waffles or Muffins, Sausages or Ham

Motel Accommodations: Please note this is a list of nearby lodgings only,
NO recommendation is implied for any of the accommodations listed.

Control Captains: Greta & John Holt
Volunteers: Rob & Susan Bernhardt, Peter Mair, Shirley Watson & Paul Whaley