2012 Archive: Westwold Control – 1148.2 km

Location: Royal Canadian Legion Hall

90 Hour Open: 21:47 Tue-Jul-24   Close: 12:01 Thu-Jul-26
84 Hour Open: 18:44 Tue-Jul-24   Close: 12:12 Thu-Jul-26

Facilities: Washrooms and Food only.
* There are no sleeping facilities at this control.

Food – Light Meal:
Vegetable Soup, Bread & Butter, Cookies or Cake, Fresh Fruit.
Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Sport Drink Mix, Water

Motel Accommodations:
There are no accommodations nearby. It is 53.7 km to the Kamloops Finish Control and local hotels.

Control Captains: Sandy Caswell & Gail Kipp
Volunteers: David Kipp, Tracy Clarke