2012 Archive: Rules

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Rules for the Rocky Mountain 1200km

  1. Riders must obey all traffic laws. Follow this link for a full set of BC cycling laws
  2. Approved bicycle helmets must be worn at all times during the ride. Riders observed riding without a helmet will be automatically disqualified.
  3. Bicycles must be in safe working order. A front white headlight visible for at least 150 metres to oncoming traffic and a red tail light visible to following traffic are mandatory. Lights MUST be attached to the bike and in good  working order. Flashing tail lights are permitted when riding alone only. When riding in a group, a solid red tail light must be used. A head lamp is recommended for reading the route sheet at night. * Riders without working lights attached to the bike will be disqualified. 
  4. Spare batteries and adequate alternate lighting systems must be carried by riders throughout the ride. 
  5. When riding between sunset and sunrise, riders must wear a reflective vest or reflective sash. Reflective leg bands are recommended but not required. A reflective rear triangle and additional reflective on the helmet and cranks are also recommended but not mandatory. 
  6. Each rider must check in at every control and get his/her control card stamped or signed, with the time clearly printed, by control personnel. Failure to have the required signature from each control along the route will result in disqualification. When stopping to rest at a control, riders should also check out as a courtesy to help the organizers track each rider’s progress. 
  7. Absolutely NO following vehicles are permitted. Riders must not receive support except at the official controls. In addition to the official controls, riders may also receive support at Saskatchewan River Crossing and at Rogers Pass summit. Riders must be prepared for mechanical mishaps, changes in weather, etc. This does not mean that riders cannot borrow tools, or receive help in changing a tire, from other participants. (See Understanding the No En Route Support Rule). Riders supported by crews that fail to abide by the rules will be disqualified. 
  8. Riders who go off course must return to the route where they left it. 
  9. Each rider must submit his/her bicycle to inspection at the check-in at registration. Lights must be attached to the bicycle at the time of the inspection and for the duration of the ride. Riders must bring their helmet and reflective vest or sash to the bike check. Bicycles helmets and reflective vests or reflective sashes must pass inspection before riders will be allowed to start. 
  10. If a rider abandons, he/she is responsible to notify the organizer by calling the 24-hour emergency telephone number that will be listed on the route sheets and control card. 

Refer also to the BC Randonneurs rules page.