2012 Archive: FAQ

Qualifying for the Rocky

How do I qualify to ride the Rocky?

You must have completed an Audax Club Parisien (ACP) sanctioned brevet series including a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km distance within the time limits and other rules prescribed by the ACP since 01-Jan-2011.

Alternatively, you must have completed an ACP sanctioned 1000km brevet or an RM (Randonneurs Mondiaux) sanctioned 1200km brevet within the time limits and other applicable rules since 01-Jan- 2011. You will be required to provide the location, date and homologation number for the qualifying brevets on your entry form.

I haven’t ridden a brevet series since before 2011 or I’ve never ridden one. Can I qualify for the Rocky this year?

Yes, but you must provide documentation of successful completion of a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600 km ACP sanctioned brevet series or a 1000km or longer ACP or RM sanctioned brevet by 10-Jun-2012.

Entering the Rocky

How do I register to ride the Rocky and when does registration open?

Entry and Registration for the 2012 Rocky Mountain 1200 will be a 2 part process with a Pre-registration form available on the website in mid December and Final Registration commencing approximately 6 weeks later.

Participants will have the opportunity to pre-register for the event for a non-refundable fee of $45.00. The purpose of pre-registration is to allow riders who need to make travel or holiday reservations well in advance, the opportunity to hold a position in the event pending final registration. Once final registration opens, applicants on the pre-registration list will have two weeks to complete final registration before their place on the list is released to a rider on the waiting list.

Final registration will open in mid January. The cost of final registration is $550.00. The total cost of entry to the event including pre registration and final registration is $595.00. The entry fee covers your food at all controls along the route, dormitory style sleeping accommodations at various sleeping controls, showers at most sleeping controls, 3 bag drops per rider, entry to the Wrap Party on Thursday July 26th and a finisher’s medal engraved with the riders name and total time.

Can you give me some details on filling out the online entry form?

Required fields will be indicated on the online entry form. If you do not complete a required field, your entry cannot be processed.

There are 2 start times for the event, a 90 hour start at 22:00 (10:00 pm) Sunday July 22nd and an 84 hour start at 04:00 Monday July 23rd. You must select your start time on the Final Registration form.

Your Age in years is required (by Randonneurs Mondiaux) and must only include numbers.

Please select your food preference as this will help us to plan menus for the event. Omnivore means you eat most things including meat. Lacto-ovo vegetarian means you eat eggs and dairy products but no meat, chicken or fish. If you choose Other, please specify details such as: Lactose intolerant, Celiac, Gluten intolerant or any food allergies.

Is there a limit on the number of riders who will be allowed to start the event?

Yes. Due to space constraints at some of the controls, the 2012 Rocky Mountain 1200 event will be limited to 125 riders. If there are more than 125 applicants who complete the pre-registration, the first 125 entrants will be placed on the rider list.

As it is anticipated that there will be normal attrition due to illness, injury or failure to qualify, an additional 16 applicants will be able to pre-register after which pre-registration will close. These next 16 applicants will be placed on the waiting list in the order their pre-registrations are received. As confirmed riders withdraw or fail to complete final registration, names from the waiting list will be moved to the rider list.

As we have received several inquiries regarding an additional waiting list, we have posted an Interested List on the website with the names of those who have contacted us. If the number of withdrawals is greater than the number of riders on the current Waiting List, we will open registration to the riders on the Interested List.

If an applicant completes the pre-registration then does not continue with final registration for any reason, please note that the pre-registration fee of $45.00 is non-refundable. The balance of the event fee is due at final registration.

* In 2008, all riders on the waiting list were able to ride the event.

What is the refund policy if I enter the event but can’t participate for some reason?

The Pre-registration fee of $45.00 is non refundable.

If you withdraw for any reason before 15-Apr-2012, you will receive an 85% refund on the Final Registration fee only.

If you withdraw for any reason between 16-Apr-2012 and 15-May-2012, you will receive a 50% refund on the Final Registration fee only.

If you withdraw for any reason between 16-May-2012 and 15-Jun-2012, you will receive a 25% refund on the Final Registration fee only.

If you withdraw for any reason after 16-Jun-2012 no refunds will be provided.

* This is the preliminary policy and is subject to change.

Personal Support Vehicles

Are support vehicles allowed on the route?

Due to limited parallel travel options, support vehicles will be allowed on the route although you may NOT receive support except at the designated controls. In addition to the designated controls, riders may also receive support at Saskatchewan River Crossing and Roger Pass Summit. If a rider receives support from their support vehicle outside of a designated control or these two designated non control locations, they will be disqualified. Directly following or preceding a rider constitutes support and is cause for disqualification.

You must inform us that you will have a support vehicle, the name of your support people and the license plate number of the vehicle. We will have a card to identify your vehicle as belonging to ride available at registration.

Will my support crew be able to attend the post-ride party?

Yes. Each rider will receive a party ticket for himself or herself. Extra party tickets for support crew and friends will be available for purchase at registration.

Result Reporting

Will my fans be able to watch my progress on the web?

Yes,  there will be a web site which will list rider check-in times at most of the controls. This is not an automated system. It is based on the control staff telephoning in arrival times to a voicemail system and a volunteer transcribing the times and uploading the data to the web. The priority for control staff is supporting the riders, so reporting arrival times for the web may often happen hours after riders reach a control.

Getting to Kamloops

How do I get to Kamloops?

You can get to Kamloops by car, plane, train, bus or bike. Please see the getting to Kamloops page.

Will I be able to obtain transportation for myself and/or my bike from Vancouver to Kamloops and return?

Each rider is responsible for getting his/her self and bike to and from Kamloops.

Can you give me the name of a hotel/motel near the start of ride where I can stay before and after the ride?

Information about lodging around Kamloops is here. Please note that the list of hotels includes a selection of accommodation choices near the start only. It is not an endorsement of any of these hotels or motels.  Note that standard check-out time in Canada is 11:00 so if you want to nap in your room after that time on the day of the start, you will probably have to book for another night.


When is registration?

Registration is Sunday, July 22 from 10:00-16:00.

Where is registration?

At the Kamloops Curling Club, 700 Victoria Street, in the Glover Room.


What is the registration process?

1. Information – As you enter the Registration room, please go to the Information desk to pick up your rider information package. It will include a copy of the Event Waiver, Rules, Bike Check Form, FAQ and information about the area. Please read the Waiver and Rules carefully. You will be asked to sign a copy of the Event Waiver at the Registration Desk.

2. Bike Check – After picking up your package, please take your bike, helmet, reflective vest and Bike Check Form to the Bike Check area. You must have your bike, helmet and reflective vest to complete bike check. Please note that you must have front and rear lights (as designated by the rules) attached to your bike or your bike will not pass bike check and you will not be able to ride. Lights attached to a helmet or clothing are not acceptable in place of lights mounted on the bike. They would be considered as personal extras only.

3. Registration – Take your completed Bike Check Form to the correct Registration Desk. Registration will be set up alphabetically by last name. At the registration desk, you will sign the Event Waiver, receive your Control Card and Route Sheet along with your bike number plate.

4. Bag Drop – Take up to three (3) drop bags to the Bag Drop Desk. Request a bag drop tag for up to three control locations you want your bag to be sent to. Please note that each bag will go to only 1 control. All bag drop tags are colour coded for the different controls.

What will bike check be like?

Follow this link for a copy of the bike check form (in PDF format) that we will hand you at the start of registration. Each bike must past the bike check before proceeding to the Registration desk. If your bike does not pass or you are missing a helmet or safety vest, you will not be able to ride the event.

Control Services and Facilities

What are the sleeping facilities like?

Sleeping facilities are in church halls, recreation centres, and gymnasiums. Floor mats and synthetic blankets will be provided at the Jasper, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke, Armstrong and Salmon Arm controls. The floor mats will be either gym mats or closed-cell foam pads.

At the Beauty Creek hostel control there will be only 16 hostel bunks available. Each bunk has a foam mattress and a wool blanket.

Each control will have a supply of ear plugs to block out the sounds of other riders coming and going and the snorers. There will also be a set in the package you receive at bike check. You may also want to bring eye-shades (available from travel shops or on some airlines).

For less communal sleeping arrangements you can choose to book motel rooms at your expense. Please see the lists of nearby lodgings on the control information pages.

Will showers be available at all controls?

No. Showers will only be available at Jasper, Golden, Revelstoke, Armstrong and Salmon Arm.

At Jasper the showers are in the Aquatic Centre, approximately 0.8 km from the control, and are only available until 02:00 (Pacific time) on Tuesday July 24th. As time and circumstances permit, the control volunteers will try to provide a car shuttle between the control and the Aquatic Centre.

In Golden the showers are in the same building as the rest of the control facilities and are available at all hours.

The shower facilities in Revelstoke are in the community centre adjoining the control.

The shower facilities in Armstrong are in an adjoining building.

In Salmon Arm there are showers in the same building as the rest of the control facilities.

Do I need to provide my own toiletries, etc. for use at controls?

Yes, you should include basic toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.) and a towel in your drop bags for each control where you plan to shower.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or will bedding be provided at the controls?

Designated sleeping controls (Jasper, Beauty Creek, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke, Armstrong and Salmon Arm) will have sleeping mats and blankets. Note that the major sleep controls are Jasper, Golden and Armstrong. Beauty Creek is a rustic hostel with space for 16 riders only at a time. In Lake Louise, Revelstoke and Salmon Arm, sleeping is in a corner of the main room and space is limited. A supply of ear plugs will be available at each sleeping control. Riders should bring their own eye shades (not provided) if needed as some of the controls will not be darkened at all times. If you are often cold when you sleep you should consider putting extra clothing in your drop bags.

I want to make motel/hotel reservations along the route for sleep breaks. Can you provide me with this information

Information about lodging is on each control page. Please note that this is a list of accommodations only, NO recommendation is implied for any of the lodgings listed.

How does the drop bag system work?

We will transport up to 3 drop bags for each rider to the Jasper, Beauty Creek, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke, Armstrong or Salmon Arm controls. You will see each of your drop bags only at the control that you designate it for and it will be returned to the finish in Kamloops by 16:00 on Thursday July 26th.

Drop bags are to be brought to the bike check on Sunday July 22nd between 10:00 and 16:00. At the bike check, riders will tag their drop bags with colour-coded name tags to indicate which control each bag is going to. Please make sure your name is on each of your drop bags.

Please restrict your drop bags to a reasonable size and weight as we have limited cargo space in the vans and volunteers have to lift all of them in and out of the vans several times. Maximum size is 10″ x 10″ x 20″ (250 mm x 250 mm x 500 mm). Maximum weight is not to exceed 15 lb (7 kg).

What types of food will be available at the controls?

The food we will provide is simple, hearty food such as meat or cheese sandwiches, eggs, potatoes, vegetarian soups, pasta, cereal, fruit and cookies. More details on the menus will be given on most of the controls pages.

Will vegetarian foods be available at the controls?

Food options without meat will be available at all controls. All soups will be vegetarian and made with vegetarian stock.

Will the controls have a supply of power bars, gels, and Gatorade available?

Four flavours of Gatorade powder (Orange, Lemon-lime, Fruit punch and Glacier) will be available at all controls (except the start). The controls will not have Power Bars or energy gels. If you wish these, consider putting some in your drop bags.

Will mechanical support be available at the controls?

No professional mechanical support will be available at the controls. Some controls are in towns with bike shops (Jasper, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm) but these shops will only be open regular hours (approximately 9:00 to 17:00 each day – note that Jasper, Lake Louise, and Golden are in the Mountain time zone 1 hour earlier than the Pacific zone).

There will probably be a few tools and a floor pump at each control. Some of our control volunteers are cyclists who maintain  their own bikes and may be able to provide some assistance.

Make sure your bike is in good working order before you start the ride and consider bringing some basic repair tools with you.

Will I be able to purchase tubes, batteries and other supplies at the controls?

No supplies will be available for purchase at the controls. Riders are encouraged to bring their own spare tubes and batteries. It is recommended that riders carry at least 2 spare tubes with them along with a set of batteries and put extra batteries, tubes and tires in their drop bags. There are bike stores in the larger centres along the way (Kamloops, Clearwater, Jasper, Lake Louise, Golden, Revelstoke and Salmon Arm) but the area caters mainly to mountain bikes and you may not be able to obtain spares enroute.

Conditions along the Route

How do I survive riding through the Canadian Wilderness?

You should be aware of at least the following:

  • Weather
  • Terrain
  • Empty: Much of the region you are riding through is sparsely inhabited. Once you leave the outskirts of Kamloops, stores and services are few and very far between.
  • Water: Outside of the dry area around Kamloops you will probably find streams near the road. Please be advised that these streams likely contain giardia, a stomach parasite. We recommend that you obtain water at control sites, from known safe sources, or filter your water. For more information see BC Health Files.
  • Wildlife. Bears, Elk, Cougars, and Animal Jams.

Will food and water be available along the route in addition to at the controls?

The route takes you through fairly remote country and while there are some services along the way (see your route sheet) we strongly recommend that you stock up on food and water at the control points.

What type of weather can I expect to encounter on the route?

Expect extreme changes of weather during the ride. Kamloops is generally hot and dry during July with temperatures sometimes reaching 35-40°C (95-105°F). Mountain weather can be extremely unpredictable. In the previous running of the Rocky Mountain 1200, riders have experienced everything from extreme heat  to heavy rains, as well as snow and sleet in some of the mountain passes. Expect temperatures as low as 2°C (36°F) at night, especially at higher elevations. Winds can be very strong in the mountain passes.

Will there be vehicular support along the route?

In the spirit of randonneuring, each cyclist is expected to be self-sufficient. There will be a lead van and a follow van. The primary purposes of these vans are to deliver and pick up supplies and drop bags from the controls. Most riders will never see these vans. However, if you are in trouble, particularly if you are toward the back of the group, you may expect some help and encouragement.

If I abandon the ride how will I be able to get back to Kamloops?

If you abandon at a control, volunteers will help you make arrangements to get back to Kamloops. There is Greyhound bus service from most larger towns along the route to Kamloops.

If you abandon along the route between controls, you will have to wait for the follow vehicle to pick you up and carry you and your bike to the closest town or control at which point you will be responsible for making your own arrangements to get back to Kamloops.

Will we be advised of any road construction along the route?

We will be checking with the relevant highway departments and will endeavour to include information on road construction on the route sheet, at registration at Kamloops and/or at the control before the construction begins.

What is a rumble strip and how do I ride with them on the road?

Rumble strip are dimples cut into the shoulder just outside the white line. They are there to wake drivers who are veering off the road. They, unfortunately, can be hard to see in the dark and especially in the rain. If you hit them, it is important not to panic, but to surely and carefully steer off them again. They will rattle you and your bike but you can keep control.

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Medical Coverage

Do I need my own medical insurance for the ride?

Yes, you will need to have your own personal medical insurance to cover you for the ride. Riders with a valid BC Medical card will not need additional coverage. All other riders will need to ensure that they have medical coverage that is valid in the provinces of BC and Alberta, Canada to cover them for the duration of the ride.

Will I be able to purchase a souvenir t-shirt for myself or my support crew?

Yes. 2012 Rocky Mountain 1200 T-shirts will be available for sale during registration on Sunday, July 22nd from 10:00 – 16:00 and if supplies last, at the post-ride party on Thursday, July 26th.


Can I ride the Rocky as a 1000 km brevet to count toward my ACP Randonneur 5000 award?

No. The Rocky Mountain 1200 is a Randonneur Mondiaux sanctioned 1200 km brevet. There is no 1000 km option. The BC Randonneurs have scheduled 5 ACP sanctioned 1000 km brevets for 2012. Please see the club events calendar for dates and locations.

Does the 1200 km I ride on the Rocky count toward the total distance for my ACP Randonneur 5000 award?

Kilometers from the Rocky Mtn 1200 km event can be used toward the total kilometers, but the Rocky event cannot take the place of the stipulated ACP 1000 km.

What is the Can-AM pin and how do I earn this?

The Can-Am Challenge is an award earned by finishing a Canadian and a US 1200km-or-longer Randonneurs Mondiaux sanctioned Grand Randonnée in a single calendar year. For more information, follow this link to the Can-Am page.

I have a question that’s not answered in this FAQ. What should I do?

If your question is not answered here or elsewhere on the event web site you can send email to rocky…@randonneurs.bc.ca . We will answer your question as promptly as we can. We may also add an edited version of your question and the answer to this FAQ to help other people.

I sent you an email over 7 days ago and you haven’t answered. Why?

We’re not deliberately ignoring you, the most likely explanation is that your email accidentally got caught in our spam filter. Because rocky…@randonneurs.bc.ca is a well-publicized email address, we receive a lot of spam messages for every “real” one. Our filter is good, but sometimes it makes mistakes. Please re-send your email and add a few technical cycling or randonneuring words. We will respond as quickly as possible.