2016 Archive: Beauty Creek

Beauty Creek Control – 621 km

Location: Beauty Creek Hostel Parking Lot

Open: 00:32 PDT Tue-Jul-26   Close: 00:43 PDT (01:43 MDT local time) Wed-Jul-27

Note: All control opening and closing times are given in Pacific Daylight Time.  Beauty Creek is in the Mountain Time zone.

Facilities: None, except for an outdoor toilet with no running water. No sleeping. No showers. 

Food – Sandwich, baked goods, Sport Drink Mix, Water

Motel Accommodations: Riders can book their own accommodations at the Beauty Creek Hostel (rustic facilities with limited hours). There is no other nearby accommodation.  There is accommodation at the Icefields Centre 17 km before Beauty Creek and at Sunwapta Falls Lodge, see notes below.

* Note – It is 87 km to the next control at Jasper (708 km). There is a deli (07:00 – 17:30 MDT), dining room (07:00 – 21:30 MDT) and lodging at Sunwapta Falls Lodge (652 km).