2016 Archive: Revelstoke

Revelstoke Control – 240 km

Location: Anywhere in Revelstoke

Open: 12:08 PDT Mon-Jul-25   Close: 20:59 PDT Mon-Jul-25 

Note: All control opening and closing times are given in Pacific Daylight Time.

Facilities: You will ask a local store or restaurant to sign your card and write in the time.

Food – There are many services along the highway after you cross the bridge into Revelstoke (near Hwy #1 and Victoria Rd).  There are more services off the route in the downtown area.

* Note – It is 150 km to the next control at Golden (390 km). The hotel, restaurant and convenience store at the summit of Rogers Pass  are now ALL CLOSED but our staff will be at there to provide baked goods, bananas, sport drink mix, water.  Please check-in with our volunteers there, even if you do not want any water or snacks.  Riders may receive personal support here, however, this is NOT a control.