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Valemount Control – 833 km

Location: Valemount Lions Club  Control Location

1100 Main Street (Whiskey Fill Road), Valemount

Open: 08:06 PDT Tue-Jul-26   Close: 16:54 PDT Wed-Jul-27 

Note: All control opening and closing times are given in Pacific Daylight Time.

Facilities: Limited Sleeping in main room only (mat & blanket), Washrooms & Meals
* no shower facilities

Food – Meal:
Vegetable Soup, Potatoes, Meat or Cheese Sandwiches, Salad
Cookies or Cake, Fresh Fruit,
Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice, Sport Drink Mix, Water

Motel Accommodations: Please note this is a list of nearby lodgings only.
NO recommendation is implied for any of the accommodations listed.

* Note – It is 92 km to the next control at Blue River (923 km), be sure to carry enough water and food with you. There are no services between Valemount and Blue River. 

Swiss Bakery                        1020 Main Street      Valemount    1-250-566-4035

Municipal Hall                      735 Cranberry Rd    Valemount    1-250-566-4249

Ambulance Services           1450-9th Avenue      Valemount,   1-250-566-4703

Visitor Information               785 Cranberry Rd    Valemount    1-250-566-9893

RCMP (police)                      1435-5th Avenue      Valemount    1-250-566-4466

Health Centre (medical)     1445-5th Avenue      Valemount    1-250-566-9138

Greyhound Bus Depot        1495-5th Avenue      Valemount    1-250-566-4151