2016 Archive: Wells Gray

Wells Gray Control – 1058 km

Location: Upper Clearwater Farmer’s Institute Hall 5276 Clearwater Valley Road, Clearwater BC

Open: 16:19 PDT Tue-Jul-26   Close: 11:22 PDT Thu-Jul-28 

Note: All control opening and closing times are given in Pacific Daylight Time.

Facilities: Toilet. No Sleeping. No showers. 

Food – Snack/ baked goods, Sport Drink Mix, Water

Motel Accommodations: None. This control is 26 km from Clearwater.  See information for Clearwater control for details on accommodations.

* Note – It is 148 km to the finish in Kamloops.  Jim’s Food Market at Hwy #5 and Clearwater Valley Rd is open 24 hours. There is a Food Market in Little Fort (1113km) open in daylight hours. At Barriere (1145 km) there is a 24 hour Esso station/store and other services open in daylight hours.