2016 Archive: Jersey

The order for Jerseys has been processed.  Jersey sales are now closed.


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Men’s sizing guidelines        Women’s sizing guidelines

Some thoughts from the designer, Ali Holt:

While jersey has some design elements to tie it back into previous Rocky jerseys, the new colour gives it a  nice freshness.  In 2004, a wolf was seen on the route between Jasper and Beauty Creek and the 2008 jersey showcased a wolf logo. In 2008, many riders saw a Rocky Mountain Goat near Sunwapta Pass and that was the animal featured on the 2012 website and jersey. As there is a history of celebrating the wild life seen on this spectacular ride, I have incorporated a lynx into the logo for 2016. This is in recognition of the multiple lynx sightings by one rider in 2012 between Valemount and Jasper.

As the 2016 route is the reverse of the traditional direction, the profile on the jersey runs from left to right. The first day starts on the left front, the middle day spans the back and the final leg is shown on the right front.